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Oscar preview 2017

On our new podcast, Ed Johnson-Ott of NUVO Newsweekly talks about the Academy Awards with The Film Yap's own Christopher Lloyd.

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Christopher Lloyd talks with Ben Rock, director of "Future Boyfriend," about how a guy known for "gross and disturbing" movies got a short into the life-affirming Heartland Film Festival.

Gil Birmingham interview

Actor Gil Birmingham of "Hell or High Water" sits down with The Film Yap to talk about this new neo-Western and his unlikely career.


Ed Johnson-Ott of NUVO Newsweekly sits down with Christopher Lloyd to discuss how depictions of men's bodies have changed over the past 25 years.

In this episode, Christopher Lloyd chats with Ed Johnson Ott about the documentary "City of Gold," criticism and the link between movies and good eatin'.

Oscar preview 2016

Joe Shearer, Sam Watermeier and Christopher Lloyd talk the Academy Awards -- who will win, who should win and everything in between.

Ever wanted to sneak inside the room where critics are debating their awards? Now you can, as members of the Indiana Film Journalists Association discuss the Best Picture of 2015.

Angelo Pizzo interview

Filmmaker Angelo Pizzo, known for the iconic sports movies "Hoosiers" and "Rudy," talks about stepping behind the camera for the first time to direct "My All American." In this interview he also discusses the razor's edge of maintaining the right sentimental tone, true authentic heroes in the movies instead of comic book ones, and why he's (maybe) done with writing locker room speeches.

Writer/director Leslye Headland follows up the success of "Bachelorette" with "Sleeping With Other People," a smart and sensitive take on the modern romcom. She talks about her young career, writing for male characters and the Hollywood game.

Summer Yappies — 2015

Listen in as the Film Yap team picks the best and worst of summer movies for 2015!

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